Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday with ME!!!!

It's been a BUSY week...

On Monday night the regular Zumba instructor was out of town so I taught class...  On Tuesday night we finally got around to deworming the ewe flock.  This was something we had on the "to do" list for a while but couldn't find the time for... good news - it's done!  Wednesday night - Zumba!!!  On Thursday we went to the Genesee County Fair and I got to be a board judge for the sheep shearing contest.

There were shearers there from all over the country - Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan...  and those are just the people I knew or had heard of before.  I thought I heard someone say they were from Iowa, but now I am not sure if I may have been dreaming.  Prior to the contest we hung out with other fiber enthusiasts (spinners, weavers, sheep farmers) and sold some of our hand woven rugs (VERY cool to be SELLING the stuff we are making!!!!).

Wayne worked with his Merino lambs all week so that they would be ready for the sheep show.  This morning we loaded them in the trailer along with a Clun Forset Ram lamb we are selling to a customer on the other side of the state and he headed off to Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, Michigan.  I will go over there for the day tomorrow which means a long day of driving, but TODAY I had to myself.

WHAT TO DO??!?!?!

I watered all of the potted pots and baskets of flowers on the porch as well as the herbs in the raised herb garden.

All of the water tanks for the animals got power-washed to get all of the grime and algae cleaned out.  Then they were filled with fresh water.

I fed a loaf of whole grain wheat bread to the Peacocks...  I actually bought the bread to make grilled cheese sandwiches (which I LOVE) but don't eat very often but when I saw the birds outside, I decided that they should have the carb-fest instead of me...

 Momma peahen and her baby...

At around 7:00 this evening I went for a run.  It was the first time in a LONG time that I have been running and it was so nice to rediscover the joys of running...

You see landmarks that you ONLY notice when running - they might help you keep track of your pace, mentally mark your progress, or just spark your imagination.  You find yourself alone with your thoughts - really deep in your mind, only to be suddenly pulled back by a barking dog, passing car, or yelling kid.  It is my best time to work through things that have been bothering me or to plan for the future or deal with the present. 

It is time when I enjoy watching my running partner and how he changes with direction, time of day, the incline, and other shadows (he is pictured below).
My Shadow...

I really was a sight I am sure...  Comfy cut-off black sweat shorts, an extra-large red "Detroit Red Wings" t-shirt with the arms cut out (I have no idea where I got it but I know that I did cut out the arms at some point), dirty white running shoes, and covered in sweat.

The fashion police may have more than enough reason to issue a warrent for my arrest, but tonight's run was MORE than worth whatever athletic-wear crimes I may have committed.

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